As another way of staying in touch with all our loyal members, we are offering a quarterly newsletter that will be posted on this page. We will also offer access to previous newsletter if you happened to miss one! You can expect to see Chef bios, student stories, Chefs’ Circle events and even product availability either featured or mentioned in our newsletters. Hope you enjoy!

New Years Newsletter

Now that the holidays are over, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

Betty Ewing

The El Cajon Project is ending its 18th successful year in operation, thanks in large part to all of our supporters and advocates. We greatly appreciate your continuing support and generosity over the years and know El Cajon would not be where it is today without you.

This has been a great year for us. We received large donations from the Newmans Own Foundation as well as Wells Fargo Bank and numerous monthly donors. Our donations have enabled us to improve the El Cajon website and create our interactive Chefs' Circle website (please take a moment to explore the website if you haven't done so already). The Chefs' Circle website is rapidly expanding with blog additions from past students along with our latest blog by Executive Chef Chandon Clenard for Pacific Catch Restaurant in San Francisco.

Some exciting news, still in the developmental phase, is a TV pilot concept for the El Cajon Project. Our goal is to show a positive cooking production, focusing on youth and how positive this culinary experience can really be for them. We want to invite the audience to understand the fact that if a great opportunity is offered to any student who may be struggling with life's unexpected hurdles that they can still succeed. We have a team of producers and media executives who are looking at the concept and will hopefully guide us in the right direction. We will be fund raising for this next phase which we hope will really put El Cajon on the map!

Matt Magana

More exciting news, Betty's son Tobias Peach is opening a new restaurant in Monterey called Restauran 1833. Please continue to check our website for their upcoming opening!

Don't forget that all donations made to El Cajon are tax deductable.

Everyone from El Cajon Project Inc. wishes you and your family a happy new year and hope that you will continue participating with us to make struggling students more successful in life.


Coming Soon

Interview with Joseph Hodgkinson - Executive Chef of Foda Catering. El Cajon Project Inc. graduate

El Cajon Project

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