In Memoriam: Louis M. Tolbert, Jr.

Louis M. Tolbert, Jr., until this past September 2006 when he lost his year long battle with cancer, was the co-executive director of the El Cajon Project and had been since 2001. Prior to this position he was an assistant principal in the Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School District where he was familiar with the El Cajon project from the school administration's view.

During his six years at Los Altos High School, Louis was responsible for the acquisition and dissemination of over one million dollars of technology, used to enhance the learning experience of students and faculty. He was also responsible for overseeing and coordinating Los Altos High School’s portion of the 20+ million dollar, 5-year renovation and construction project. His duties included local project management responsibilities such as moving teachers out of old classrooms and into new classrooms during the school year, as well as preparing the emergency procedures for the school campus. Prior to his responsibilities as assistant principal, during the 1994 and 1995 summers he was the summer school principal for the district. Overall Louis had 16 years of experience in education working with students as young as middle school to students at the junior college level.

Louis grew up in nearby Morgan Hill and received his bachelors degree from Santa Clara University, as well as a Masters from San Jose State University. His prior job experience with IBM, Hewlett-Packard and KNTV-NBC3 in San Jose brought a wealth of knowledge and experiences to this organization and has been instrumental to the success of our program thus far. Along with his dedication and enthusiasm for the program, both his expertise with the archana of school beuracracy, and the rapport and respect he received from the students will be sorely missed. He is a collegue, friend, and mentor that will not be replaceable.